September 2010

Think Roman, Act Local

Talk to me about cinema for a few minutes, and you’ll find out that “Casino” is one of my favorite films. Is it Sharon Stone’s vintage ’70′s wardrobe? Yep. The gemgasm-inducing box of Bvlgari jewelry? Oh yeah! But that’s just the beginning. Because “Casino”, the story of the Mafia’s failed attempt to colonize Vegas, is a mind-boggling extravaganza of overload, from the suitcases full of… Read More

You Say Tapisserie ... I Say Patisserie ...

Over the many years I have visited France, it has been my   great privilege to tour a number of beautiful chateaux in the Loire Valley: Saumur, Plessis-Bourré, Montreuil-Bellay and others. In Turkoise, I blended the distinctive beauty and settings of these magnificent fairytale castles into the imagined chateau Rochemont. But of all the chateaux I have visited, none holds a sweeter place in my heart… Read More

'Scuse Me, While I Kiss the Sky

She was called the Pythia, and the god Apollo was said to speak through her. Perched high on a bronze tripod stool set over a fissure of earth, the Oracle of Delphi, a peasant woman of spotless reputation chosen annually from a village on the spur of Mount Parnassas, advised pilgrims for centuries on everything from war to kingship. But what gave this seer-of-the-ages her… Read More


Every day we hear it: the youth of America can’t do anything but scroll, Tweet and text. The world has gone digital. Books are dead. But whoa–hold on a minute. Today comes  news from  Publisher’s Weekly that Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, the last of The Hunger Games YA futurist trilogy, has sold more than 450,000 copies its first week in the U.S., with its publisher now… Read More