December 2010

Funeral For a Friend

I don’t remember the exact time and place we met, though I’m guessing it must have been around 1972 at the El Granada Apartments at Telegraph and Bancroft in Berkeley, where several friends and I lived.  I do recall that he was introduced as to me as “Phil Wood, whose office is on the second floor.” And I remember thinking, as we shook hands, He… Read More

T.E. & Me

In the middle of one of the edits of Turkoise, I found a note on the side of my ms. “What’s all this about the motorcycles?” I have to admit, I ignored it. Because for me, in a symbolic way, the motorcycle stands for everything in the book—from the way the story connects two life cycles, to the wheel of life to, well… T.E. Lawrence,… Read More

Worth a Thousand Words

We know her only as “Berbère Tunisie”, a young woman in an image recorded by the Czech photographer Rudolph Lehnert at the turn of the twentieth century.  Like a Berber Mona Lisa, her solemn, unremitting gaze captures and follows the viewer’s own. Her body is laden with coin-like disks, perhaps representing her bride price, and her forehead is tatooed with the symbol of the Imazighen—… Read More