February 2011

From Slave to Scholar: The Great Booker T. Washington

If you’ve been following the bouncing ball here, you know I am currently at work on a novel about Juba II, the North African monarch who began life as a prisoner of Rome and, thanks to tenacity, hard work, and exceptional scholarship became the greatest philosopher king of his day. Two thousand years later came another man cut from the same cloth, a character of… Read More

"It's Groundhog Day!"

I simply couldn’t let another day go by without addressing a serious matter: my eternal love for the film referenced above, directed by the great Harold Ramis. Where to start? The perfectly smarmy Bill Murray? The demure and ladylike Andie MacDowell? The cynical Chris Elliot? Not to forget the director’s cameo as the radiologist with the vision problems. It’s genius, pure and simple, from the… Read More