Reading Group Questions

Reading groups are enjoying discussing not only Clare’s and Emily’s journeys, but the ideas behind Turkoise. Here, a compilation of questions your group might draw from.

  • -Which of Clare’s stories was your favorite?
  • -How might Emily’s interpretation of Clare’s stories differed had Nick been alive to present them to her?
  • -When asked by Michael’s wife about the effects of the famous Santa Ana winds, Emily says, “Nick said, ‘Everyone changes.’ ”  Do you believe the forces of  Nature can actually exert unseen control over man’s actions?
  • -At the end of the book, Emily sees “the Ouroboros, doubled.”  What is the meaning of this ancient symbol, “doubled”,  to the theme of the book? What other circular symbols embody the book’s ultimate message, and what message do they convey?
  • -Emily is an amateur astronomer and science journalist whose approach it is to look outside herself for answers. At what point does Emily look inward and what is the result? Do you think answers to life’s difficult questions lie inside or outside ourselves?
  • -Have you ever met someone for the first time, only to feel as if you had seen, or known, them before? What could account for such an experience?
  • -Might you have lived a past life? As whom? What future life do you see for yourself?

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