Chalk One Up For the Toga Candida!

As everyone on earth must know by now, elections in the US are a little more than a month away. And every time I open an election pamphlet to read “position statements” and biographies I find myself wondering what kind of person would want to wade into the Extreme Fighting world of politics. I got one answer a few years ago from a radio news… Read More

Camera Chameleon

So, with nothing in particular to do last Sunday, and needing a break from the pixi-ranch, my spouse and I took off for parts slightly known, in hopes of  finding something we hadn’t seen before here in Gold Country. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California are home to a lot of history. Like the town of Placerville, once known as Hangtown because, hangings!… Read More

Ghosts of Seasons Past

I was drinking iced tea and cleaning out my bookcases — a long overdue task — the other day when a brochure from the Tahoe Maritime Museum floated out of the pages of “The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories.” What was a brochure about boats doing  in a book of ghost stories? Boats? Ghosts? What could they possibly have in common? Then I saw… Read More


Two characters—who happen to be dogs—needed for my WIP. Attested by naturalist Pliny the Elder to be  “… of very large size.”  Brought from a chain of islands in the Atlantic to the North African mainland  by expeditionary forces of Juba II, Berber king of Roman Morocco, around 2,000 years ago. Possibly a hybrid of the islands’ indigenous dogs and escaped hunting dogs of ancient… Read More